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Mr Adrian Gordon Mathew established, 14th May 1989. Elcomp is now the oldest representing agent for Emco Maier Austria in the world.

Mr.Adrian Matthew, Owner and Managing Director of Elcomp is a qualified Mechanical Engineer with experience in controlling and managing a number of large manufacturing and engineering companies in South Africa. In 1976, he was a member of a team of engineers to bring to South Africa the first GE 1050 CNC control. Since 1976, Mr Matthew has been totally involved in the installation, marketing, training and lecturing throughout Southern Africa. At present he is on the examination board for Technikon’s, lecturing CNC, ROBOTICS CIM, FMS and Tooling technology.

Mission Statement

It is the policy of Elcomp’s management to strive for continuous Technological Updatement of the latest technology and expand markets.

Elcomp prides itself that it always supplies full training with it’s client’s and training institutes on any specifications, being on Machinery or Tooling.

Elcomp ensures all it’s clients of continuity between Elcomp and it’s principles.


Elcomp has offices based in Johannesburg. Capetown, Durban and East London in South Africa as well as being represented in Gaborone Botswana and Matsapha Swaziland.

As the South African Agent for EMCO, CNC-Takang, G.E. Fong, MTAB, MAXNC as well as a number of various other suppliers for Tooling, Machines and Equipment for educational Institutes and Industrial Organizations, the Elcomp Group has supplied well over 400 machines, both CNC and Conventional comprising all tooling and accessories ensuring that all installations are adequately equipped for successful operation.

An array of large industrial multi-axis CNC and Conventional machines used in the manufacturing industry as well as R & D workshops and ranging from 2-axis to 7-axis have been supplied to the afore-mentioned organizations.

Universities, FET’s VTC’s and Apprentice Training Centres have been supplied with educational tooling, hand tools, CNC training lathes, machining centres, mechatronics and Robotics. All this equipment has been supplied inclusive of full training in the operation and use of the machinery.

Elcomp has for a number of years worked closely with their agents in Zambia, Mauritius, Seychelles, surrounding islands and Namibia and proudly has an impeccable reputation for service backup and in-depth knowledge on education.

Due to deep commitment and the capability of management, Elcomp is often called upon to assist organizations to solve problems not related to Elcomp’s supplied products.

This Month’s Specials

Machinable Wax

This unique medium is an extremely hard synthetic wax that machines faster than  polyurethane and epoxy tooling boards or metals without sacrificing quality of finish, surface detail, or dimensional accuracy.

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