• Built-in spindle and subspibdle – More stable machining and better product surface finish.
  • Simultaneous back and front processing.
  • Back-sloped machine body and V-shaped tool layout. Less chip wrapping, better chip falling.
  • Independent modular tool rest (ID, OD, cross). Easy take-out, convenient for adding peripheral equipment or modification of tool rest if necessary.
  • Guide seat is one-machine body-integrated. More rigid, better product quality.
  • Cs contours axes are available for and degree spindle indexing or contour turning. (side engraving etc).
  • Available for face and back-end working, like off-center drippling, tapping, slotting, engraving (C-axis).
  • Available for face or back central hole rigid tapping (tap not rotary).
  • Rotary guide bushing holder is driven through belt coupled with spindle.
  • Face or back-end rotary tool ER11 collet holder (both-in-one) and fixed tool ER16 collet holder (both-in-one) can be exchanged with each other, so that bigger shank ID tool can be mounted, providing more versatile processing ability.
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GNS 1724 D

  • Lift-to-open machining door
  • Cross machining device
  • Parts catching and conveying
  • Rigid tapping (Cross face and side)
  • Cs-axis
  • Parameter description display
  • LCD Monitor
  • Machine Operation Panel
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GNP 1724 D

  • High precision machining
  • Reduced vibration
  • Cs-axis
  • Rigid tapping (Face, back and cross sides)
  • 2 tools can be mounted on one OD tool position
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Modular tooling: Free arrangement of different tool spindles, ID tool holders and OD turning tool holders according to tooling requirements of the parts to be produced.

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With separate back tool post and cross travelling of back spindle, exactly simultaneous machining at main spindle side (S1) and back spindle side (S2) can be achieved without need to wait with each other, reducing cycle time much.

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