EMCO Group

The EMCO Group is an association of top suppliers from the machine tool industry. The companies associated work together in a network of European manufacturers on intelligent and innovative production solutions for the metal-cutting industry. There are always new possibilities for the whole group due to the various competences of the individual entrepreneurs, their resources, and the transfer of know-how amongst the companies within the group.

Concept turn 60

Concept Turn 60

The Concept TURN 60 is a PC-controlled 2-axis CNC tabletop turning machine conforming to the industry standard in terms of design and function. All the key processes in modern manufacturing can be illustrated using this device and implemented in a practical and realistic way. With appropriate simplification, clear machine design and ease-of-operation, operators will quickly learn how to use it successfully.

Concept Mill 55

This compact milling machine is well suited for CNC training and has almost all the features of an industrial machine: optional with 8-station tool changer with swivel arm and pick-up system, NC indexing device as fourth axis, minimum quantity lubrication and latest state-of-the art control technology.

Concept turn 105

Concept Turn 105

The PC-controlled 2-axis turning machine with table format not only easily fulfils all basic requirements for technical education and training but also manifests the finest technology: All precision components of the Concept TURN 105 such as headstock, slide, tool system, and tailstock are installed on a rigid, vibration-damping, gray cast-iron inclined bed. Generously sized motors ensure high feed forces and acceleration values. Pre-stressed, backlash-free circulating-ball spindles and an optimum guide ratio for the slides ensure stability and precision. The control for the Concept TURN 105 is connected via PC, on which the interchangeable WinNC control from EMCO can be installed.

Concept Mill 105

Slides and load-bearing elements are manufactured from gray cast iron for the Concept Mill 105 and ensure maximum precision. Equipped with infinitely variable main drive, 10-station tool changer, pneumatic vise and NC indexing device as optional fourth axis, this compact machine in table format is optimally suitable for the teaching of sophisticated function and manufacturing technologies. The control for the Concept Mill 105 can accept a PC, on which WinNC, the interchangeable control from EMCO, can be installed.

Concept Turn 260

As a systematic advancement of the CT250, the CT260 convinces by its extreme solid machine bed, thermosymetric spindle head, precision spindle bearings, preloaded roller guides in all axes and a fast tool turret. The interchangeable control EMCO WinNC for all curret industrial controls complete the machine.

Concept Mill 260

Concept Mill 260

The concept mill 260 combines all benefits of the proven CM250 with comprehensive improvements in the areas of: Drive Technology, Optimized technical data, a new design, drive power of 6.8 kw and a 20-station tool magazine with double-gripper. With stable and compact construction of the concept mill 260 fits even in the smallest space.

Concept Turn 460

Concept Turn 460

After the Redesign the Concept Turn 460 is equipped with a hydraulically actuated, Programmable tailstock-in combination with a C axis, driven tool and digital drives system, the function and performance of the Concept Turn 460 is in accordance with the state-of-art industrial machines furthermore, with its interchangeable control system WinNC, it is perfectly adapted to the requirements of training situation today.

Emco Turn e25

Uncompromising quality right down to the latest detail at a very reasonable price. With an extremely solid machine base, a thermosymmetric spindle headstock, high-precision spindle bearing, Preloaded roller quideways in all axes, a fast tool turret and your chouce of sinumerik 828d or fanuc oi TF with dialogue programming.

Maxxturn 25

Maxxmill 25

The EMCO MaxxTurn 25 is the perfect solution for the complete machining of small parts. Compact, economical and high precision, suitable for bar parts up to a diameter of 25mm and chucked parts up to 85mm. Its fitted with a counter spindle, Y axis and driven tools. The tool turret has a space for 12 VDI16 tool holders. The 36 indexing position mean the number of tools can increased to 42 edges. The MaxxTurn 25 comes with Siemens or Fanc control including Shopturn or Manual Guide conversational programming system.

Emco Turn e45

Emco Turn e45

The Emco Turn e45 YMS. The perfect solution for economic off-the-shelf complete machining. Fitted with a counter spindle, driven tools, a-high-precision C Axis and extremely fast rapid motion speeds, the Emco Turn e45 SMY gives you everything you need for manufacturing complex turned miled parts effeciently and at a low price. The highlight of the machine is its very stiff Y axis with long travel for almost unlimited machining capabilities with maximum precisions.

Maxxturn 45

Maxxmill 45

The EMCO MaxxTurn 45 is the perfect solution for economic, shelf complete machining. it’s fitted with a counter spindle, driven tools, a high precision C axis and extremely fast rapid motion speeds. The maxxTurn 45 gives everything you need for manufacturing complex turned-milled parts efficiently and at a low price. The highlight of the machine is its very stiff Y axis with a long travel for almost unlimited machining capabilities with maximum precision. The Maxx Turn 45 comes with a choice of Siemens or Fanuc control and with Shopturn or a manual guide as standard equipment.

Emco Turn e65

The new Emco Turn e65 S with counter spindle, radial turret and optional Y-axis is the entry-level machine for the complete processing of turret/milled parts. Thanks for the fully developed counter spindle, it’s possible to turn, mill and drill work-pieces both sides. The counter spindle may also be used as a tailstock for supporting long work-pieces. If required, a large shaft part may even be unloaded through the counter spindle.

Maxxmill 400 / 630 / 750

The new CN vertical milling centre Maxxmill 630 is capable to mill parts with an edge size of 445 x 445 x 290 in just one operation in an efficient and precise way. Its compact design in cast iron and welded steel guarantees in maximum rigidity and thermosymmetry. Short power flows assure the highest precision and excellent surface quality of the workpiece.

WinNC Software

WinNC Software

The software WinNC is part of the EMCO educational concept on basis of PC, with the aim of learning the operation and programming of a certain CNC-machine control. With WinNC there is the possibility to install more control surfaces on one PC.


CAD-CAM Turning/Milling Software

Due to the constantly rising requirements at industrial CAD/CAM-education, the EMCO product range in the area industrial training systems has been extended by a industrial CAD/CAM system.

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